VÍ GIẶM Folksong is a special ethnic culture of Vietnam

vi giam Folksong is a special ethnic culture of Vietnam

Vi Giam Nghe Tinh Vietnam is known as folk forms “specialty” of the two areas of Nghe An and Ha Tinh. Vi Giamthe refinement, the crystallization of cultural values ​​to life create alluring tunes crooned his heart.

Not knowing exactly such folk, down ever since, just know that for, can reduce the two folk songs without accompaniment by people in Nghe An, Ha Tinh creative activities and during labor, bearing deep local melodies, lyrics, tone, tone. Folk Vi Giam Arts – Tinh was widely circulated in the Vietnamese community of villages, hamlets and residential areas of the two provinces ofNghe An and Ha Tinh. The majority of Art – Still singing for, down for this type of folk occupied an important position in the cultural life of them.

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For more tunes, such as latitude given, for fabric wards, wards for transplanting, for sag ward, ward for tea, for the fields, climbing for young, shepherds purse, wallet chain, wallet tease … For permanent physical immersion, by means of ethnic poems (bowl record, but lost syllable, syllable variations …). Other than for, say theater can be reduced, by allegorical poetry (poetry / rhymes 5 letters). Also reduce many tunes such as decrease, the reduction of power, reduced ru, fall to, reduced access, reduced clouds … If such is the freedom to sing, the song can be reduced tempo is clear, light amber with strong beats, which spans the exchange rate. Often a more reduced size, each size is 5 sentences (sentences 5 to the message usually 4), 5 from each sentence. However, there are also reducing / fenders, regardless of size obviously, but just sing a climb, tens sometimes hundreds of questions, and each question is not the word that would best 5 4 or 6, 7 letters.

For, down two different types of songs but have oratorio space associated with productive labor, in the traditional villages, or at work, such as plowing, harvesting, digging ditches dammed, raising buffalo grass, tossing seining fishing, firewood, coal, textile spinning, weaving … Sometimes singing for, down is shown on festive occasions, most New Year, cult, or the cool night wind moon friends enjoy socializing, their talent to the literary word.

By the way the song was born from manufacturing operations and activities of the farmers to the bishop and the lyrics are very close, rustic. The majority of the lyrics for, reducing content such as traffic conditions between boys and girls couples, or about the deep sadness, meandering life, the existence of a concurrence, recounted the incident in outside the village commune, about an area, a certain anecdote, or want good people to good, or criticize the ills … Through the lyrics for, down to confide his advice on what or who might be, the habits and customs, moral, religious professors of religion, faith third quarter accomplice, allowing water of the village, the hero ie gas, patriot troops at …

A special feature of the purse, reduced completely different genres of folk music such as rowing, opera, are they … That is when performing such tunes, reduce the actor must not only sing the tunes, but also have to songwriting. Because, a lyric composing quick to respond, requires talented actors to literature, to have an impromptu, as well as the word scholarship, history, philosophy and take the wall of life. Word of the purse, vinegar is crafted from the heart sing, the melodies Skin Diet is such charms, down.

Throughout history, people of Nghe An, Ha Tinh always use, dissemination and promotion circulated widely for its excellent value, decreased. Today, for singing, reducing common life, cultural and social movements, festivals, gatherings fun, arts festivals and also turn into songs, musical performances on the pitch stage

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Folk wallets, reducing not only the flow and dissemination by establishing clubs, theater groups that are being brought into the school curricular programs to disseminate to students. Ms. Phan Thi Thu Huyen, Union High School Secretary Nguyen Truong Vinh said: The school pays great attention to the students for participating in folk songs through the establishment of the club. Here, the students collected folk songs under the guidance of teachers. In addition, every year the school also organized for the students of the folk song contest, and the TG activity, the study of folk song … However, to enable students to participate enthusiastically attitude to folk art forms are not simple task, requiring the teacher to have a thickness of, as well as forms of communication line case. Legend According to her, teach the students more understanding and love of the art form in general and traditional folk songs for, particularly if reduced effort and adequate investment would lead to positive results .

With special features such folk, reduce Nghe Tinh, May 3/2013, the Prime Minister has agreed in writing to the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism on behalf of the Government to sign documents “People such cases, reduce Nghe Tinh “The Organization of Science, Education and Culture of the United Nations (UNESCO) listed consider cultural heritage intangible representation of humanity. We hope in the future, such folk, Director – folk forms contained the soul, erudite intellectual, elite is earned as a musical tone, the softness of literary beauty of productive labor is recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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