Sylvain Trias / Overtone & Jew’s harp Medley

Ajoutée le 25 mai 2014
Here is a small collection of live records – though some major studied styles are missing (rajasthani and norwegian).

00:00 – Traditional Altai tune
00:42 – Dotar and Tuva throat singing
02:46 – Borbagnadyr
03:35 – Siberian Khomus (jharp)
06:19 – Columbian Sempruna (jharp)
07:35 – Vietnamese DanMoi (jharp)
08:21 – Indonesian Genggong (jharp)
09:27 – Nepalese Murchunga (jharp)

For those interested, read my thesis “Helmholtz and Coupled Resonator Acoustics in Jew’s Harp Playing” at

I regularly give lectures, play on stage and provide group/individual courses. For any question or request, please contact me at

Enjoy the listening!

Research Master Degree in Ethnomusicology
Graduated from Telemark University College, Norway.
Board Member of International Jew’s Harp Society.

Trân Quang Hai thinks about Sylvain Trias :

“Sylvain TRIAS was my student at the beginning and has become my good friend since . He is a virtuoso of Jew’s harp, mastering different styles from Norway, Rajasthan, Vietnam. Furthermore, he has mastered the technique of overtone singing. He obtained the master degree in Norway with the topic “Helmholtz and Coupled Resonator Acoustics in Jew’s Harp Playing”. This video presents his general research on overtone singing and jew’s harps” .

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