INFO-BULLETIN 2 for 8th IJHS in Taucha, Germany, 8-10 August 2014

INFO-BULLETIN 2 for 8th IJHF in Taucha, Germany


Dear friends,

the 8th IJHF is drawing closer and I want to provide you with some information:

General remarks

• The budget for the Festival-Congress is very limited. Even more limited are rooms for participants to stay

overnight, therefore:

o Go for the rare gathering of jew’s harp players worldwide and not for the money and comfort

o Take your sleeping-bag with you, and if possible your tent as well

• All participants (invited musicians, lecturers and board members) get free food and a festival-pass

• The IJHS will have its own premises for the lectures and board meetings, for sessions and informal


• The website for the festival is:


• most musicians playing on the main stage, at the castle stage or in the church have already agreed

about the conditions for their participation with the organizers of the 7th

myself (regarding the church)

• most musicians needing an invitation for obtaining a visa have been provided with the necessary

documents by the colleagues in Taucha

• most musicians needing a confirmation for obtaining national financial support have been provided with

the necessary document by the IJHS

• please to inform immediately if anyone still needs an invitation or confirmation or any other kind of



• Michael Wright for personal reasons was unable to follow up lately on the lectures. Silvain Trias is now

supporting us in this task. Please to communicate with Silvain and Michael on any issues regarding

your lecture. Email of Silvain: ; email of Michael, which has been changed:

Board meeting

• The invited board-members encompass: Leo Tadagawa (Japan), 5 Yakutians (Ivan Alexeyev, Spiridon

Shishigin, Nikolay Shishigin, Albina Degtareva, Kim Borisov), Mindigafur Zainetdinov (Bashkortostan),

Bolot Bairyshev (Altay), Olga Prass (Russia), Svein Westad (Norway), Michael Wright (England), Harm

Linsen (Netherlands), Tran Quang-Hai and Silvain Trias (France), Gerd Conradt (Germany), Phil Dallais

(Switzerland), Aron Szilagyi (Hungary), Franz Kumpl and Albin Paulus (Austria), Luca Recupero (Italy),

Deirdre Morgan (Americas)

• Two meetings are scheduled

• Discussions:

o structure of IJHS: how many board-members? Enlarge or reduce? Establish sub-organisations

o Tasks of IJHS: publications (Newsletter, Journal, …)? IJHF-preparation and –participation?

o membership fee for IJHS: how much per year?

o Possible candidates for next board

o Possible sites for next IJHF

• Decision-taking:

o On all issues discussed during the 1st

Best wishes