VOICE ENCOUNTERS : VOICE PEDAGOGY / 18-21 April 2016,University of Wroclaw, POLAND


Underpinning VoicEncounters is the belief that the voice is a communication tool that can transcend language and cultural differences. We gather to reflect on the phenomenon of human voice and musicality and on how they are realised in music. The aim of VoicEncounters is to provide a rich space in which many different vocal cultures from around the world can be brought together under one roof. Each VoicEncounters practical seminar includes workshops, concerts, discussions and lectures focusing on the diverse ways of using/working with the voice which can be included in the creative process, enriching the performer’s skill set. The first instalment of the event, ‘The Phenomenon of Latin Confraternities’, was held in 2010, followed by two editions dedicated to Armenian heritage and history in 2012 and 2013. This year’s VoicEncounters will be divided into four sections: ‘Mediterraneas’, ‘Giving Voice’, ‘My Voice is My Country’ and ‘Traces’. It will also feature an international conference on ‘Voice Pedagogy’.

Voice Pedagogy

MON.–THU. 18–21 April | 15:00–18:30

Faculty of History Lecture Hall, University of Wrocław, ul. Szewska 49

In English and Polish (simultaneous interpretation) | ADMISSION FREE

MON. 18 april

Scientific Influences on Voice Training, Including Neuroscientific and Cognitive Research with Impact on Singing and Acting

15:00 Welcome and introduction to the conference

15:15 Keynote Speech: Rhonda Blair(Southern Methodist University, USA) |‘4E Cognition and Cognitive Linguistics:Some Uses for the Actor and Her Voice’

16.00 COFFEE

16:30 Tiina Syrjä (University of Tampere, FI) | ‘Acting in a Foreign Language – Voice at the Intersection between Language and Body’

17:00 Kristin Linklater (UK) ‘Natural Voice’ | work demonstration followed by commentary and discussion panel with Rhonda Blair, Tiina Syrjä, Ewa Głowacka-Fierek and Ditte Berkeley, chaired by Joan Mills


18:00 Open discussion

TUE. 19 april

Voice Training and Practice: Developing and Encouraging the New Generation

15:00 Joan Mills (CPR, Wales) | ‘The Influence of CPR’s Giving Voice Project over the Past 25 Years (a contextual presentation)’

15:30 John Hunter (UK) | ‘Tuning the Human Instrument: the Role of the Alexander Technique in Performing Arts Education’

16:00 COFFEE

16:30 Olga Szwajgier (Poland) | ‘Free Your Voice’


17:00 Jorge Parente (Portugal/France) | ‘How I Found Back My Roots: My Vocal Identity’, in dialogue with Jarosław Fret


18:00 Open discussion

WED. 20 april

The Empowerment of Voicing: Social and Political Resonance, Identity and Ensemble

15:00 Frankie Armstrong (UK) | ‘Voices From The Edge – Why the Voice is Politics’, in dialogue with Joan Mills

15:30 Tran Quang Hai (Vietnam/France) | ‘The Empowerment of Overtone Singing: Development and Expansion’

16:00 COFFEE

16:30 Tomasz Rodowicz (CHOREA Theatre, Poland) | ‘Singing Together: the Group Sound’


17:00 Jenny Sealey, MBE, and Jude Mahon (Graeae Theatre Company, UK) | ‘Trust and the Voice’

18:00 Open discussion

THU. 21 april

Beyond Tradition: Traditional Vocal Forms as Sources of Skills and Inspiration for Experiment for the Performer

15:00 Caroline Bithell (University of Manchester, UK) | ‘Performing the Other and Finding Myself: Vocal Journeys and Transformations’

15:30 Fátima Miranda (Spain) | ‘Vocal Experimenting in Performance Practice’, in dialogue with Danielle Meunier

16:00 COFFEE

16:30 Tara McAllister-Viel (University of Essex, UK) | ‘Embodying Multiple Vocal Traditions: Interweaving Korean P’ansori and Western Voice Training in Training the Performer’s Voice’

17:00 Chan E. Park (Korea/USA) | ‘Visions of the Voice in P’ansori’

Michael Winslow: The man with 10,000 voices

Published on Aug 5, 2013

Michael Winslow is instantly recognizable for his role as Sgt Larvelle “Motor Mouth” Jones in Police Academy. Michael has been noted as the man with `10,000 voices. He also provided the voice for Stripe in Stephen Spielberg’s Gremlins, as well as starring in National Lampoon’s Robo Docand Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs. You can also hear him in Family Guy, King Of The Hill!,Robot Chicken and many many more. Winslow is in the country for 6 shows, tickets are on sale now. http://www.michaelwinslow.net / TWITTER: @Michael_Winslow

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Gallery of photos: http://www.voicetoteach.it/galleria-fotografica/

Specializzazione per insegnanti di canto

VOICE to TEACH è la possibilità, offerta ai docenti di canto e voce, di elaborare e perfezionare una tecnica solida e puntuale, mai relegata negli stretti schemi di un “metodo”, ma capace, al contrario, di utilizzare molte ed eterogenee esperienze formative, al fine di fornire ai corsisti un ampio bagaglio di saperi mai disgiunti dal saper fare.

Conoscenza teorica, esperienza pratica e sviluppo della propriocezione costituiscono l’inscindibile nesso formativo del VOICE to TEACH.

Le due docenti, Erika Biavati ed Eleonora Bruni, si avvalgono, all’interno del programma del corso di formazione completo, della collaborazione di autorevolissimi esperti (il foniatra artistico, il logopedista, lo psicologo, l’attore) per approfondimenti tematici, nella profonda convinzione del grande valore dell’interazione e dello scambio tra figure di diverse competenze orientate al medesimo fine: una didattica rigorosa ed efficace, capace di accompagnare ogni allievo verso la propria voce.

Corsisti e docenti dell’edizione 2013