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TRAN QUANG HAI plays the Japanese bamboo jew’s harp mukkuri, 3 04 2014

TRAN QUANG HAI plays the JAPANESE bamboo jew’s harp mukkuri, 3 04 2014

TRAN QUANG HAI joue de la guimbarde en bambou ainoue MUKKURI du JAPON
3 avril 2014

TRAN QUANG HAI ‘s interview on ASAHI Shimbun, the most popular Japanese daily newspaper, JAPAN 2009

TRAN QUANG HAI ‘s interview on ASAHI Shimbun, the most popular Japanese daily newspaper
Hello, Dr. Tran Quang Hai.I hope you have been fine as you were in Nara, Japan.
The article about yourself was published in our newspaper on september 8. It is a very prestigious column and very popular among our readers. If only there was the sound !
Please look at the attached file of the copy.
Good luck for your career.村上 伸一
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This is the English translation of Nakano’s article on Asahi Shimbun by Tadagawa Leo . Many thanks to Leo .

“Prof. Barnstormer”, an ethnomusicologist tours around the world and performs

Tran Quang Hai (65)

He sings two sounds simultaneously using the traditional style of singing “khoomii” of Mongolia and other places. He plays the Jew’s harp producing sound held by mouth virtuously. When he takes out two spoons form his bag, they instantly become percussion instruments.

He visited Japan to take part a symposium raising awareness among the general public of intangible cultural heritage, organized by Asahi Shinbun and UNESCO. The special lecture took place at Nara Prefectural New Public Hall in August was with the atmosphere of entertainment show. This heterochromatic ethnomusicologist also composes and performs.

He was born as the fourth generation of the Vietnamese musician’s family. When he was seventeen, he went to France to study European music, but he chose the road of researching ethnomusicology so that he could be in touch with traditional music of the world.

“When I understand the mechanism of khoomii, Chinese opera singing and Bunraku articulation, I want to do them by myself.” This kind of curiosity made his unique style of lecture with performance given in universities and other places around the world. His colleague-researchers call him “Prof. Tran the Barnstormer” who visited 70 countries and operates 15 traditional instruments.

Though he got the French nationality in 1972, he is always conscious that he is an Asian.

Traditional music get dwindle remain neglected if we go without doing anything. He starts to entertain the participants with his performance stopping his lecture hastily because he thinks that it is the thing of predetermination to make young generations to become familiar with the traditional music. “People’s tastes change as time goes by. But if the root remains, traditional music can revive under new situations without extinction.”

Text: Nakano Wataru photo:Aramoto Tadahiko


TQH on Asahi Sept 8 2009.JPG




特別講演 トライ・クアン・ハイ②GOC.jpeg


特別講演 トライ・クアン・ハイ①GOC.jpeg


特別講演 トライ・クアン・ハイ2GOC.jpeg


特別講演 トライ・クアン・ハイ⑥GOC.jpeg